Wunder Hair Extension Tape

Wunder Hair Extension Tape was developed for the sole purpose to give tape on hair extensions the strongest and longest lasting hold possible. Using state of the art technology, a sophisticated and experienced R&D team has developed a unique and outstanding adhesive formular, making Wunder Hair Extension Tape unmatched champion in hold time and hold power.

Wunder Tape Tabs 4cm x 0,8cm


Wunder Tape Tabs are compatible with the majority of the market´s tape on systems. For these it is the perfect replacement adhesive tape.


Wunder Tape Roll 3 yards x 3/8 inch (2,75m x 1,0cm)


For those who need tape strips with customized length Wunder Tape Roll is the right choice. The width of the tape is 3/8 inch (1cm). It can easily be cut and even torn to the fitting length.

Industrial clients

For hair extension manufacturers we have special industrial solutions. For more information please send us an email to industrial@wunder-tape.com.